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MAMP Video Tutorial Now Available

I’ve added a MAMP video tutorial that gives you a more advanced look at the setting up and configuring the MAMP application. I take you through the MAMP preferences window, hopefully answering your questions along the way. I go through how I use MAMP together with WordPress. I hope this gives you a few ideas […]

Pixel Corps Widget Design

This is my submission for the Pixel Corps News widget interface design challenge. I’ve never designed a widget before, but I really like this look. The widget is an RSS reader for the Pixel Corps forums. Let me know what you think.

Watching WMV's In QuickTime Is Now Free

Microsoft is giving away the Flip4Mac plugin that allows you to watch WMV files directly in the QuickTime player. Just last week the Flip4Mac plugin was $10, but apparently Microsoft felt more people needed it. I’ve tried it before and I thought $10 was a little steep when the VLC was free. I’ll use it for free though.

Watching the streaming clips at CNN has been vastly improved since I installed the plugin. The clips used to hang and I could hear the audio, but the video would freeze. Now I can actually watch the clip load in the QuickTime status bar and playback is smooth.

Installing WordPress Locally Using MAMP

Installing MAMP and running Wordpress locally on your Mac is a simple task, however I was unable to find any good documentation while I was attempting to do it for the first time which made it seem really difficult. My goal with this tutorial is to help you download MAMP and Wordpress and have it up and running in 15 minutes. Let’s get started…