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MAMP Resource Links

I’ve been finding great tutorials all around the net for advanced MAMP topics that I didn’t cover in Installing WordPress Locally Using MAMP. I’ll be adding links as I find them. If you have a tutorial or resource add the link in a comment. MAMP Resources How To Secure MAMP How To Fix WordPress […]

MAMP Video Tutorial Now Available

I’ve added a MAMP video tutorial that gives you a more advanced look at the setting up and configuring the MAMP application. I take you through the MAMP preferences window, hopefully answering your questions along the way. I go through how I use MAMP together with WordPress. I hope this gives you a few ideas […]

How Do You Use MAMP?

I’ve been getting a lot of email lately about the MAMP tutorial, and I’m just curious how most of you out there are using it? I wrote the tutorial for Wordpress, however MAMP will work with any program that will run on a server. I’ve been using it to develop Wordpress themes, to quickly evaluate open-source software like phpadsnew and to design simple css sites.

Installing WordPress Locally Using MAMP

Installing MAMP and running Wordpress locally on your Mac is a simple task, however I was unable to find any good documentation while I was attempting to do it for the first time which made it seem really difficult. My goal with this tutorial is to help you download MAMP and Wordpress and have it up and running in 15 minutes. Let’s get started…