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Abandonded Warehouse in Montreal Canada 2005

When I was working on the Graffiti Collection I took a bunch of pictures inside of an abandoned warehouse I found in Montreal. I walked around inside for over an hour snapping pictures of the damage and graffiti. You can see all of the pictures over at flickr.

Photoshop Tutorial – Spray Paint Overspray

Back when I first created the Graffiti Collection I kept running into problems matching text with the stencil images. The stencils had an overspray halo and I couldn’t seem to get the text to match it in Photoshop. After a bit of tweaking I think I’ve found a great solution. To follow along you’ll need Photoshop, a stencil image to match, and some grunge brushes from HowieZine (download them all, but we’ll only use set 01).