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I Just Want To Say Thanks

Like many of you, as soon as I heard about blogging and podcasting I couldn’t wait to try it. However I found myself standing and watching for far too long. I felt like I was on the outside of a mosh pit trying to build the confidence to just rush into the chaos. Now that […]

Small Sharks Vs. Big Business

I just finished reading the new 37signals book Getting Real. It’s basically a more in-depth version of their often repeated message that you can hear on the Venture Voice interview. Keep it simple, keep it small, and be fast. Those are the main ideas, even so I highly recommend reading it. As some of you […]

Do You Want Customers Or Clients?

What is it that makes the perfect business? There are so many activities you can do that it’s hard to focus on just one. However there are two main categories of businesses. You can sell products or merchandise to customers, or you can sell your services to clients. There are pros and cons to both […]

A Guide To Creating Multiple Income Streams

Being self employed can be a big challenge. When the cash flow is on, things are good. However, when the cash isn’t coming in things can get pretty tight. Lately my cash flow has been on, but if or when it starts to slow I want to be ready. The best way to prepare yourself […]