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Bulletproof Tuesdays – Ch. 2 – Scaleable Navigation

In week two of Bulletproof Tuesdays we’re going to talk about scaleable navigation. Site navigation is an often overlooked aspect of web design, but it’s what visitors are going to use to get around your site. Done right it can give your site an overall ease of use, done wrong and your visitors will leave. […]

Bulletproof Tuesdays – Ch. 1 – Flexible Text

Having problems with your text sizing? I didn’t think so, but if you’re wondering how you can get great results with any browser follow along. Bulletproof Web Design begins with a chapter on flexible text. First off what does it mean to have flexible text? Probably the most common way to define text size is […]

Bulletproof Tuesdays – A Read-Along

I just finished reading Dan Cederholm’s book Bulletproof Web Design. Bulletproof Web Design covers how to implement xhtml and css in a way that is accessible and functional for anyone visiting your site. Dan covers everything from text sizing to the final table-less layout in 9 interesting chapters. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, however I […]