Below are some of the latest projects I’ve worked on. All clips are encoded using the h.264 codec, meaning you will need to have the latest version of the free QuickTime Player installed to view them.

Photography Gallery
I’ve been shooting digital photography professionally for 5 years. Doing everything from underwater photography to panoramic photography that’s used for lighting 3D objects. You can see my work in my online gallery. The gallery features images from Hawaii, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, Canada, and various locations around the United States. Each Image has a description. Feel free to leave comments about the images. My main underwater camera is a Canon A40 in a Canon underwater housing and my land camera is a Canon Digital Rebel DSLR. You can also view my iStockPhoto portfolio.
Tools Used: Photoshop, Canon Cameras
Redline TV Show Open
This piece is a segment for the high energy show opening of Redline TV. A short animation with a swooping 3D camera move into the front grill of an import sports car revealing the show logo. The 3D elements were created in Cinema 4D, textures in Photoshop and the shot was re-timed in After Effects. The final show opening was composited and colorized by Jesse Siglow a Los Angeles based motion designer. View the Clip.
Tools Used: Photoshop, Canon Cameras
Mega Bloks Toy Videos
Mega Bloks
Montréal toy company Mega Bloks approached me to do some videos for several experimental toys they were working on. The toys were still in development, but they needed buyers to see how the toys functioned in real life. The footage was shot using a digital camera in movie mode and I was tasked with editing it, adding music, and making the lights flash. The lights were composited in After effects using Lux and all the audio was done in Garageband and Reason. View the Movie.
Tools Used: Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Garageband, Reason
dvGarage Graffiti Collection
The Graffiti Collection is the result of months of photography, walking and Photoshop work. I designed the collection for 3D texture artist, but anyone looking to add an urban feel to their work will find it useful. The images were shot in San Francisco, Montréal and Los Angeles. I combed alleyways, freeway underpasses, abandoned buildings and met some interesting people while looking for the best graffiti I could find. Over 2000 digital pictures were taken and only the best were extracted for the disc. All images were shot in high-quality RAW. A few shots that didn’t make it into the collection can be seen on the Wooster Collective site.
Tools Used: Photoshop, Canon Digital Rebel Camera
Pixel Corps BIO Team Hyperopia Animation
The Pixel Corps BIO Team creates medical animations that describe complex ideas in an easy to understand format. I was a compositor and editor for the Hyperopia (far-sightedness) animation. The 3D elements were prepared by other members of the team and I composited in the light beams and timed the animation with the voice over using After Effects and Final Cut Pro. View the Clip.
Tools Used: After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop
Amakua Video Website & Logo
Thomas Gorgas of Amakua Video needed a website and logo to showcase his work as an underwater videographer. I’ve worked with Thomas on several occasions. Mostly doing underwater photography and shooting video. I was also his safety diver on a Hammerhead Shark shoot. I designed his logo, site and pieced together the demo reel. This is a table based site, done before I adopted css and web standards. The site was laid out in Photoshop and wired up in Dreamweaver.
Tools Used: Photoshop, Imageready, Dreamweaver, Final Cut Pro
Pixel Corps NASA Deep Impact Animation
The Pixel Corps NSA Team created a pre-visualization animation for the July 4, 2005 NASA Deep Impact Mission. Working with Hubble images and known physics the NSA Team designed an animation that showed what we thought the results of the Deep Impact Mission would look like. This animation was intended to be shown on the nightly news prior to the mission completion. As part of the Compositing Group I was tasked with creating particle effects using Cinema 4D. My responsibility was to create the vents that occur on the surface of the comet as it approached the sun. This International project involved collaborating with people who were located in places such as Mexico City, Singapore, and Canada. View the movie.
Tools Used: Cinema 4D, After Effects, Photoshop
2005 US Open of Racquetball
I edited and prepared graphics for episodes 2,6, and 8 of the 2005 Choice Hotels US Open of Racquetball. Episode 8 was the Women’s Championship match, which was actually quite intense. The 2 hour shows aired on the Tennis Channel. Each match was given to me as a line cut and I gave the shows a graphics treatment as well as edited the matches to fit the Tennis Channels time slots. View Clip
Tools Used: Final Cut Pro, Photoshop
Waterproof Kids Cover Photography
Waterproof Kids is a DVD designed to teach parents how to teach their children to swim. I worked with the producers of this video series as an on set assistant and photographer. The cover is a composite of two photos. The first is the image of the girl and it’s blended with another image I took of the surface of the water. Waterproof Kids has won an iParenting.com award and is available in most large retail stores. All the images were taken at the University of Hawaii’s swimming complex. View Larger Cover Image.
Tools Used: Canon A40, Canon WP-DC200S Housing
Bear Pit BBQ Website
The Bear Pit BBQ has been around for over 50 years, so when the owner called and asked me to design his site I was extremely honored. I kept the design light and simple. He needed a place where you could go to get directions and see their menu online. This was the first site I designed using css and xhtml. The hardest part was making it display properly in IE. Check out the menu, you can almost taste the ribs.
Tools Used: skEdit, Photoshop, Imageready