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Rare White Squirrel in Prospect Park Brooklyn

Today a few friends and I were having a picnic in Prospect Park when we spotted a pure white squirrel running through the trees. Every other squirrel in the area was grey or brown. Not this one, see for yourself.

Key Largo, FL – An Underwater SCUBA Adventure

This fish also has a beautiful orange pattern on the back of its pectoral fins that announces to potential predators that they are poisonous.

2) Minnow Ball – This huge school of tiny fish was so dense you couldn’t see what was in front of you…. These fish travel in such huge numbers to protect themselves from predators, and all around this huge ball of fish were tons of large fish like groupers, snappers, and jacks.

3) Crustaceans – Shrimp, crabs and lobsters were plentiful and lobster season started while we were in Key Largo. I saw several barber pole shrimp, loads of lobsters, a few crabs, and a tiny blue shrimp that was living in an anemone.

How To Change a 2D Image Into a 3D Object (Video)

I recently met Eric Beck of Backyard FX and he handed me a sticker for Indy Mogul, the site that features his show. I thought it would be cool if the Indy Mogul logo was transformed from a 2D sticker into a 3D object that could be used for a transition during the show…. I needed to make the sticker black and white so I could make a selection in Photoshop using the channels.I took that selection and turned it into a work path that I exported to Illustrator…. The paths come into C4D with some extra junk that needs to be deleted so we can get to the path that contains the logo information. I extruded the logo using a NURBS object, textured it, and added a few lights and a camera and my transformation from 2D to 3D can be seen in the video below.