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iPhone Release Pictures NYC 5th Ave Store

Believe it or not I accidentally stumbled upon the iPhone release in NYC. I had some friends in town and I was showing them around when I saw the mayhem and realized what was going on. I slid up as close as I could and snapped a few shots. The police were out in full […]

The Art Of Riding Escalators or How To Use Anchor Text

When I lived in Montreal there was a hard and steadfast rule when riding an escalator. Stand on the right. This allowed people who wanted to climb the stairs to pass on the left. Common sense right? A few hundred miles south in New York City, I was disappointed to learn that the same rule […]

When Is It Different Enough?

There is an interesting discussion going on in the comments over at Copyblogger. The ubiquitous Chris Pearson commented on John Wesley’s WordPress theme Hey John, Your site is nothing more than a Cutline/Copyblogger Theme mashup. Where’s my link? Here is a screenshot of the theme in question (Click to enlarge) John Wesley’s reply Chris, I’ll […]