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Hipknowsis – Free Music Download

When I was in college I did a lot of things, one of the more interesting things I did was make music under the name Hipknowsis. Hipknowsis was a collaboration between DJ Austin Swanson and myself. I’ve had these songs floating around on my hard drive for a while and I figured it was time […]

A Watched Pot Never Boils

Break away from your computer. Let your inbox accumulate, don’t moderate your comments the second they come in, and stop checking your feedburner readers to decide whether life is worth living. Watching your site grow and develop is like watching water boil. If you watch it and wait impatiently it seems to take forever. However […]

My Interview With Loren Feldman aka Site Security

My thoughts on meeting chartreuse. Technorati Tags: interview, Loren Feldman, Chartreuse

Coated For Ease of Swallowing or Why Blogging Matters

I decided to take a temporary step away from the world of blogging and I’ve had a lot of time to think about what this whole internet thing really means. A lot of my fears about what would happen if I stopped updating my blog haven’t happened. I didn’t lose readers, I actually had the […]