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The Creative Way – Ep. 3 – Expertism

Episode 3: Expertism John and I tackle the subject of being an expert. What exactly is an expert and what really makes you one? In reality we’re all experts at something, it’s whatever you do everyday. You know more about your craft, business, or skill than anyone else. Getting that intimate knowledge and understanding is […]

Do You Want Customers Or Clients?

What is it that makes the perfect business? There are so many activities you can do that it’s hard to focus on just one. However there are two main categories of businesses. You can sell products or merchandise to customers, or you can sell your services to clients. There are pros and cons to both […]

MAMP Resource Links

I’ve been finding great tutorials all around the net for advanced MAMP topics that I didn’t cover in Installing WordPress Locally Using MAMP. I’ll be adding links as I find them. If you have a tutorial or resource add the link in a comment. MAMP Resources How To Secure MAMP How To Fix WordPress […]

The Creative Way – Ep. 2 – Creative Mindset

Episode 2: The Creative Mindset In this 15 minute show I talk about the creative mindset and what it takes to develop it, how other people have developed it, and how you can too. The creative mindset can be very tricky, when it comes in it rushes you like a flash flood. However, when you […]

Bulletproof Tuesdays – A Read-Along

I just finished reading Dan Cederholm’s book Bulletproof Web Design. Bulletproof Web Design covers how to implement xhtml and css in a way that is accessible and functional for anyone visiting your site. Dan covers everything from text sizing to the final table-less layout in 9 interesting chapters. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, however I […]

MAMP Video Tutorial Now Available

I’ve added a MAMP video tutorial that gives you a more advanced look at the setting up and configuring the MAMP application. I take you through the MAMP preferences window, hopefully answering your questions along the way. I go through how I use MAMP together with WordPress. I hope this gives you a few ideas […]

The Creative Way – Ep. 1 – Brainstorming

Episode 1: Brainstorming I’ve been meaning to start podcasting since the first time I heard about it, now it is finally here. John Foster and I teamed up for this first release. Since we both work in the computer art realm, that’s what we’re going to talk about. How to be creative, how to make […] Is Now Podcasting

As you can see I’ve been pretty busy re-arranging the site and adding some new sections that I hope you’ll find useful and informative. I’ve added a podcast called The Creative Way. For my first podcast I’ve teamed up with John Foster and we did a little brainstorming and had some fun. That’s what podcasting […]