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New York It’s A Hell Of A Town

I’m headed to New York tomorrow for 10 days. A very good friend is moving out of his SOHO apartment next month. So I figured a cheap ticket plus free place to stay would equal fun. I’ll be doing some more graffiti photography and working on another texture product. Hopefully I’ll get some more shots […]

The Creative Way – Ep. 4 – Burnout

Episode 4: Burnout This week we are talking about creative burnout. You can’t do everything yourself and we talk about a few ways you can prevent burnout and how you can spread your work around to get more done. Burning yourself out is a bad practice and your work will suffer because of it. Ben […]

Bulletproof Tuesdays – Ch. 3 – Expandable Rows

In week 3 of Bulletproof Tuesdays we’re going to talk about expandable rows. Bulletproof Web Design teaches us that ecommerce sites such as or tend to have horizontal page components such as login bars, search bars, and deal alert bars underneath their headers. A common way of designing these bars is using using […]

How Much Does A Shark Weigh?

I get asked this question all the time. How much does a shark weigh? The answer is well…it depends. A Whale Shark can be over 13 tons, Tiger sharks can be around 1500 pounds, but the Spined Pygmy Shark is just a few pounds. If you narrow the scope of the question it becomes much […]

How To Get 12 People To Skydive With You

Back in my days as a waiter, I had a list of 10 things I wanted to do before I died. The other day I was reading an article over at Copyblogger and it reminded me of #5 on that list. Skydiving. I really wanted to do it, but I didn’t want to go alone. […]

Marketing For The Masses Or Your Way Right Away

Burger King always seems to have some cool trick up their sleeve. They had the Subservient Chicken and the “King” Halloween Masks. So when I went there today for lunch I wasn’t surprised when I saw their new gimic. At first I kind of just absorbed the feeling the signs were projecting, but then I […]

Bulletproof Tuesdays – Ch. 2 – Scaleable Navigation

In week two of Bulletproof Tuesdays we’re going to talk about scaleable navigation. Site navigation is an often overlooked aspect of web design, but it’s what visitors are going to use to get around your site. Done right it can give your site an overall ease of use, done wrong and your visitors will leave. […]

I Just Want To Say Thanks

Like many of you, as soon as I heard about blogging and podcasting I couldn’t wait to try it. However I found myself standing and watching for far too long. I felt like I was on the outside of a mosh pit trying to build the confidence to just rush into the chaos. Now that […]

Small Sharks Vs. Big Business

I just finished reading the new 37signals book Getting Real. It’s basically a more in-depth version of their often repeated message that you can hear on the Venture Voice interview. Keep it simple, keep it small, and be fast. Those are the main ideas, even so I highly recommend reading it. As some of you […]

Bulletproof Tuesdays – Ch. 1 – Flexible Text

Having problems with your text sizing? I didn’t think so, but if you’re wondering how you can get great results with any browser follow along. Bulletproof Web Design begins with a chapter on flexible text. First off what does it mean to have flexible text? Probably the most common way to define text size is […]