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How To Save 33% On Parking Tickets

Getting a parking ticket sucks. If you have a car in a large city, chances are you have received at least one parking ticket (if not more). I’ve discovered a little loophole that won’t make parking tickets go away, but it will save you money. On the back of the parking ticket there is usually […]

How To Change a 2D Image Into a 3D Object (Video)

I recently met Eric Beck of Backyard FX and he handed me a sticker for Indy Mogul, the site that features his show. I thought it would be cool if the Indy Mogul logo was transformed from a 2D sticker into a 3D object that could be used for a transition during the show…. I needed to make the sticker black and white so I could make a selection in Photoshop using the channels.I took that selection and turned it into a work path that I exported to Illustrator…. The paths come into C4D with some extra junk that needs to be deleted so we can get to the path that contains the logo information. I extruded the logo using a NURBS object, textured it, and added a few lights and a camera and my transformation from 2D to 3D can be seen in the video below.

The Art Of Riding Escalators or How To Use Anchor Text

When I lived in Montreal there was a hard and steadfast rule when riding an escalator. Stand on the right. This allowed people who wanted to climb the stairs to pass on the left. Common sense right? A few hundred miles south in New York City, I was disappointed to learn that the same rule […]

Bulletproof Tuesdays – Ch. 4 – Creative Floating

At the end of the first month of Bulletproof Tuesdays we’ve finally arrived at a chapter that I can really put to use and actually has some substance. As usual the chapter begins with a description of a tables based layout and why it’s not Bulletproof. By now I think you all know why. Too […]

Bulletproof Tuesdays – Ch. 3 – Expandable Rows

In week 3 of Bulletproof Tuesdays we’re going to talk about expandable rows. Bulletproof Web Design teaches us that ecommerce sites such as or tend to have horizontal page components such as login bars, search bars, and deal alert bars underneath their headers. A common way of designing these bars is using using […]

Bulletproof Tuesdays – Ch. 2 – Scaleable Navigation

In week two of Bulletproof Tuesdays we’re going to talk about scaleable navigation. Site navigation is an often overlooked aspect of web design, but it’s what visitors are going to use to get around your site. Done right it can give your site an overall ease of use, done wrong and your visitors will leave. […]

Bulletproof Tuesdays – Ch. 1 – Flexible Text

Having problems with your text sizing? I didn’t think so, but if you’re wondering how you can get great results with any browser follow along. Bulletproof Web Design begins with a chapter on flexible text. First off what does it mean to have flexible text? Probably the most common way to define text size is […]

MAMP Resource Links

I’ve been finding great tutorials all around the net for advanced MAMP topics that I didn’t cover in Installing WordPress Locally Using MAMP. I’ll be adding links as I find them. If you have a tutorial or resource add the link in a comment. MAMP Resources How To Secure MAMP How To Fix WordPress […]

Bulletproof Tuesdays – A Read-Along

I just finished reading Dan Cederholm’s book Bulletproof Web Design. Bulletproof Web Design covers how to implement xhtml and css in a way that is accessible and functional for anyone visiting your site. Dan covers everything from text sizing to the final table-less layout in 9 interesting chapters. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, however I […]

MAMP Video Tutorial Now Available

I’ve added a MAMP video tutorial that gives you a more advanced look at the setting up and configuring the MAMP application. I take you through the MAMP preferences window, hopefully answering your questions along the way. I go through how I use MAMP together with WordPress. I hope this gives you a few ideas […]