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Abandonded Warehouse in Montreal Canada 2005

When I was working on the Graffiti Collection I took a bunch of pictures inside of an abandoned warehouse I found in Montreal. I walked around inside for over an hour snapping pictures of the damage and graffiti. You can see all of the pictures over at flickr.

The Patterns of Fairway Market Brooklyn, NY

I have always been fascinated by patterns and food. Put the two together – oh man! The Fairway market in Brooklyn is the coolest supermarket I have ever been to. If you are ever in Red Hook, check it out.

My New Van

Not really, but I would definitely drive this thing.

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Barcode Yourself

Over at you can create a personal barcode using information about yourself. Here is mine. Enter personal information about yourself to be bar coded. All of the calculations in Barcode Yourself are based on real world facts, gathered from the Internet. Data like the Gross Domestic Product of each country. Lichtenstein is #1, USA […]

10 Beautiful Premium WordPress Themes

Despite the fact that there are literally thousands of free WordPress themes available, many bloggers are buying themes. I’m not talking about those template factory themes, these premium themes are put together by top designers and are priced anywhere from $29.99 for a personal license to over $250 for a developers license which allows you […]

15 Unique Christmas Gifts for 2007

Black Friday in Manhattan was a mad house. Shoppers were crammed into Best Buy and Circuit City looking for the items that were advertised in the circulars. I felt like everyone in New York was going to open one of 5 things on Christmas morning. If you want to make an impact and get something […]

Did I Find The Luckiest Squirrel?

A few months back I posted photos of a white squirrel I saw in Brooklyn.

When Is It Different Enough?

There is an interesting discussion going on in the comments over at Copyblogger. The ubiquitous Chris Pearson commented on John Wesley’s WordPress theme Hey John, Your site is nothing more than a Cutline/Copyblogger Theme mashup. Where’s my link? Here is a screenshot of the theme in question (Click to enlarge) John Wesley’s reply Chris, I’ll […]

Updated Look For Bear Pit BBQ

The first site I ever designed using css/xhtml has received a face lift. After months of tinkering and trying to get it just right has finally gone live with the new look. I used WordPress for the back-end and some of Chris Pearsons’ code to spice up the site. It still needs some work, […]

Clean Layout for a Never Completed Site

Here is a simple layout I did for a company that I never started. I really like the overall color and design. The water drop was from istockphoto and the layout was inspired by a site I saw by Cameron Moll. I have so many of these half done sites.