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Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, NY – World’s Oldest Subway Tunnel

The Brooklyn Historic Railway Association is giving another tour of the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel on August 10th. I went on the July 27th tour and it was quite an experience. I arrived early for the 1:30pm meeting time and saw a few people milling about at the meeting point. I thought I was in on […]

Abandonded Warehouse in Montreal Canada 2005

When I was working on the Graffiti Collection I took a bunch of pictures inside of an abandoned warehouse I found in Montreal. I walked around inside for over an hour snapping pictures of the damage and graffiti. You can see all of the pictures over at flickr.

Rockaway Beach Brooklyn, NY

Crowded, boardwalk, skatepark, surfing. Take the A to Broad Channel, transfer to the S to Rockaway Park-Beach 116th St.

Flickr Photoset from Santa Cruz Island California

This is a photoset from my recent trip to Santa Cruz Island in California. The set has loads of pictures of dolphins, mainly because, well there were loads of dolphins. Somewhere in the middle of the slideshow there are a bunch of photos with splashes all around, that was a huge dolphin feeding frenzy. The […]

Key Largo, FL – An Underwater SCUBA Adventure

This fish also has a beautiful orange pattern on the back of its pectoral fins that announces to potential predators that they are poisonous.

2) Minnow Ball – This huge school of tiny fish was so dense you couldn’t see what was in front of you…. These fish travel in such huge numbers to protect themselves from predators, and all around this huge ball of fish were tons of large fish like groupers, snappers, and jacks.

3) Crustaceans – Shrimp, crabs and lobsters were plentiful and lobster season started while we were in Key Largo. I saw several barber pole shrimp, loads of lobsters, a few crabs, and a tiny blue shrimp that was living in an anemone.

Los Angeles to New York or Driving Across America

I’m back in Los Angeles now after a little over two months in New York. I’ve started packing, got the car tuned up and I’m looking forward to my drive across America, sea to shining sea. I’m still working out the route I’d like to take, but if any one has suggestions of good routes […]