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Amazon “Sold, ship now” Email Changes

From Amazon:

On the evening of Monday, May 21st, the “Sold, ship now” e-mails will be modified to remove private customer shipping information. After that time, they will only contain the order ID and a listing of the items that have been sold.

An increase in postage and now this.

I use Apple Mail to keep track of items that I sell on Amazon and I have a routine for how I print labels and ship the items.

Now they want me to change!!!

I noticed that there are a bunch of downloadable tools Amazon offers its sellers, but they only work on Windows.

This is a great opportunity for a developer to step up create a widget or simple application that can keep track of buyer information on a Mac. Something that would show your buyers shipping information from Amazon and could print out a label and packing slip, with a little check box for shipped.

Delicious Monster could add something cool like this to Library, but I’m sure they don’t want to become a sales tool.

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