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Hipknowsis – Free Music Download

When I was in college I did a lot of things, one of the more interesting things I did was make music under the name Hipknowsis. Hipknowsis was a collaboration between DJ Austin Swanson and myself.

I’ve had these songs floating around on my hard drive for a while and I figured it was time to share. We’ve been talking about putting together some more tracks so I figured if I was going to move forward I had to clean out the closet.

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There are 18 tracks that were recorded over the course of a year or so (2001-2002). They were all done in the Austin’s apartment A.K.A. L.O.W (Lab Overlooking Waikiki). Nothing was rehearsed, it was all improvised. Recorded using very inexpensive equipment, I think the results are great.

We experimented with all kinds of weird things like plug my guitar into his mixer and transforming the output (Transformer), layered vocal tracks (Hi-Intensity), and sampled all sorts of weird stuff. Listening to the tracks takes me back to a very good time, I hope they do the same for you.


Hipknowsis – Songs For Miles [56.83 MB .zip]

P.S. – Feel free to use the songs, but please give us a link and credit.

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