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Chartreuse Beta Remix Posts and Flea Market Shopping

One of my favorite bloggers Chartreuse does these remix posts. They are mostly just a collection of random links he finds around the net. He lays them out in a mixed up fashion and you have to dig around through them till you find something interesting.

It feels a lot like shopping at a flea market.

Flea Market

Now the genius of the flea market post is the same genius behind flea markets. You find stuff for cheap or free and take it to the masses who devour it for top dollar.

There are even some good deals on antique posts.

Now I see nothing wrong with this, on the contrary I think it’s great. It takes very little effort, yet you end up with valuable results.

The hard part of this equation is finding a lot of interesting items for your discerning audience. However, if done right you end up with an ebay like fervor surrounding your posts. People searching for that next big thing or inside scoop.

The flea market post is maximum fun on minimum wage.

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