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Excellent Piece Of Copywriting From Overstock.com

From an Overstock marketing email:

Honored Client,

Hello. My name is Patrick Byrne and I work at Overstock.com.

Overstock is best explained through a story. I went to high school near Washington, DC. There I had a friend named, “Charlie” (a.k.a. “Chalooka”). Whatever I or other friends were considering buying, be it electronics, car parts, a jacket, etc., Charlie would always say, “I have a friend in the business,” or, “I know a guy at the warehouse, I’ll get you a special deal on it.”

We had our suspicions about Charlie, but learned in time that he really did have friends in the business. Whatever business. Looking for a new car stereo? Charlie had a cousin who installed them and had a special deal on a cancelled order of high-end Bose. An affordable trip down to Florida for Spring Break? Charlie had a friend who was a travel agent and knew of a recent cancellation in a good Miami hotel. Needed a last minute gift? Charlie had an uncle with a jewelry shop who’d make a deal on a gold necklace.

In short, Charlie knew people. And he knew people who knew people. He used his connections to look after his friends.

We know that not everyone knows someone like my old friend Charlie. But that is OK, because you need only know Overstock.com. Behind our website and computers and advertising there is a core group of people a lot like Charlie, women and men who “know people,” experts in their fields who scour the world looking for special opportunities to bring to the website. Whatever you are looking for, we’re your friend in the business, and we’re looking out for you.

Respectfully submitted,
Patrick M. Byrne

This story is an excellent example of using storytelling to sell your service. I really like this piece. Now if only I can get my work to flow like this.

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