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Michael Doig is a science teacher, web developer, and avid traveler who lives in Brooklyn, NY.

The Future of New Media and Why I Got A Job

The future of new media is very exciting. There are great new technologies for creating and distributing content, the web is revolutionizing the way we do entertainment, and people are finally starting to get it.

Not the networks though, they think it’s all about HD but in reality it’s all about 320×240.

Now is a great time to be a starving entrepreneur. It used to be cool to be an artist or musician, but now it’s cool to be an entrepreneur, blogger, or working on a start-up of some kind.

But I just don’t trust it. There just isn’t enough of an audience to go around. There are a lot of opportunities for independent producers, but making a living doing it is the trick. Sure you can make money, but can you make enough?

Even the big networks are struggling to figure out how to make it pay. You keep hearing content is king, but really cash is.

So I started to rethink my approach, and I decided to get a job in NYC. I’m feeling a bit like a sellout, but I think in the long run I’ll be able to continue building my online presence.

New York City

Most people tell me I’m crazy, but I want to believe it’s as easy as 37signals makes it sound. The less time you have the better. Give yourself 10 hours a week and make it work.

The new surrounding should give me a creative boost, but it’s strange to think that my time won’t be mine anymore.

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