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NAB 2006 Wrap Up (or Wow What A Week!)

I’m more or less fully recovered from NAB in Las Vegas. What a great week it was. I met a lot of great people, saw a ton of great stuff and thoroughly enjoyed myself. So let me start off with the convention. Some of the more interesting exhibits I saw were the Red Camera, the DVD menu tutorials being shown at the Art Beats booth, and all the Apple demos especially the belief demo reel menu in DVD Studio Pro.

As soon as I arrived in Vegas Maxon Computers the makers of Cinema 4D were great hosts. I was working with Ko Maruyama shooting footage at the event, and he was demoing for Maxon so they let me tag along. We went and saw Avenue Q at the Wynn, visited the NASCAR Cafe and ate at Il Fornaio in the New York New York casino. I don’t think I can thank Maxon enough for the great time. They are a great bunch of people who care about their employees and customers. Thank You Ko and Maxon.

At one point during the event I found myself drinking champagne in the back of a limo with Brad Peebler from Luxology. I have to hand it to him, he gets it. The way I heard it was the cost of a booth was more expensive than renting a limo for the week. Now who doesn’t want to ride in a limo? So he arranged for the press to ride around with him while he talked about his new products. Who do you think got more press, Luxology or some guy handing out a brochure at an over-priced booth?

One of my favorite highlights was getting invited to a party in the penthouse of the Bellagio hosted by Tunnel Post and Silicon Color. The guys over at Tunnel Post are extremely talented and have several films going to Cannes this year. Keep an eye out for their film Toxic directed by Alan Pao. I also ran into Alex Lindsay and Emery Wells of MacBreak fame.

The icing on the cake for last week was chartreuse (BETA) putting up a video I sent him. His blog is incredible, read it. NAB was great, mark it on you calendar for next year. Wow, what a week.

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