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Michael Doig is a science teacher, web developer, and avid traveler who lives in Brooklyn, NY.

What Do I Have In Common With Pauly Shore?

Today is my first day of Jury Duty, and hopefully the last. I’m stuck in a room full of other people who don’t want to be here, and I find it strange. Trial by jury is guaranteed in the Constitution, but it seems like no one wants to do it. One good thing is they allow laptops and since I have internet via my cell phone I can do some blogging. Another great tool that helps pass the time is MAMP. I’m designing a WordPress theme without an internet connection.

A little update about what’s been going on. When I went to New York, I forgot my copy of Bulletproof Web Design so I dropped the ball on weekly updates. I posted a late one, and they’ll be back on schedule tomorrow. I did however spend some time to get my site to validate and I’ve been working on getting it to work in IE. My .png’s have been a little tricky. Possibly another tutorial topic? The theme I’m working on is for FluidIndustries.com it’s still in layout phase, but with a little help from MAMP I should be adding the graphical elements today.

Blogging, podcasting, and building tutorials take a lot of time, luckily I have some today. There are some people on the web that seem to effortlessly pump them out. I’ve been promising new video tutorials for a while and new podcasts are coming as well. I’ve been in nomad mode and as soon as I make it back to my G5 and audio tools I’ll do some more recording. Working out of my backpack is great, but it’s challenging as well.

I’ve also been struggling with the direction of this site. I want to keep it professional and full of valuable information for you, but I also think it’s important to speak to you on a personal level. I think it ties into building your brand online, which happens to be the title of my next post. I’ve been working on this idea for a while, but Chartreuse had a post the other day that has really pushed me to finish the article. Stay tuned for some more valuable posts. Now I’m off to convict some crazed killer.

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