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Spiderman’s Bi-Coastal Business Overlap

So this afternoon I went to the local coffee shop with free internet and ended up sitting next to a couple who worked in the industry and were bitching about their jobs. How hard it was working at Nickelodeon and for MTV. Then a youngish kid walks in and starts chatting it up with the barista about how he is scouting locations for Spiderman 3 and of course everyone at the coffee bar starts handing him their cards. I couldn’t help but think how much work there is in New York and maybe I should just move here.

Well this evening I get back to the apartment and settle in and my phone rings, it’s Central Casting and they need a photo double for Spiderman 3. Oh the irony! Earlier today I was thinking all the work was here, and then I have to turn down working on Spiderman because I am here. AHHH!

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