About the Author

Michael Doig is a science teacher, web developer, and avid traveler who lives in Brooklyn, NY.

New York It’s A Hell Of A Town

I’m headed to New York tomorrow for 10 days. A very good friend is moving out of his SOHO apartment next month. So I figured a cheap ticket plus free place to stay would equal fun. I’ll be doing some more graffiti photography and working on another texture product. Hopefully I’ll get some more shots for the Wooster Collective, iStockphoto, and flickr.

The newest Computer Arts Projects magazine is all about street art and graffiti. It gave me some great ideas for tutorials and got me all hopped up on photography again. I’ll be doing some podcasting from NY so stay tuned for some bi-coastal audio.


I’ve also go this idea of wearing my camera around my neck and walking down Wall Street or 5th Ave. and snapping pictures every 5 feet or so and creating a kind of time lapse/stop motion piece. Last time I was in NY was in 2000 so I’m interested to see how things have changed. I’m pretty excited, now it’s off to pack.

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