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Michael Doig is a science teacher, web developer, and avid traveler who lives in Brooklyn, NY.

How Much Does A Shark Weigh?

I get asked this question all the time. How much does a shark weigh? The answer is well…it depends. A Whale Shark can be over 13 tons, Tiger sharks can be around 1500 pounds, but the Spined Pygmy Shark is just a few pounds. If you narrow the scope of the question it becomes much easier to answer. How much does a Great White Shark weigh is a better question.


It turns out that not many people actually ask me how much a shark weighs, but I do get one just like it. How much does a Web site cost? Well…it also depends. Do you need a blog, e-commerce, static, dynamic, etc., etc.? There are just as many types of Web sites on the Web as there are fish in the sea.

If someone asks about something specific it’s much easier to give them a price range and to build exactly what they are looking for. So what I’ve been offering are packages and features lists to help guide people to exactly what they want and need. It really helps streamline the design process. Many times designers forget that most of the people who come to them don’t know the difference between a div and a back-link, so asking them what they want expecting them to speak your language is futile.

Offering people a more generic choice, but then using your expertise to get the job do is a better way to work. It’s not that clients are dumb or anything, they just want the big picture and the details where designers dwell are not important to them. It’s like getting your taxes done, the accountant knows everything about each line of the form and how to calculate this and deduct that. However the reason you go to an accountant in the first place is because you don’t know and probably don’t care about all the details, you just want to do your taxes and go back to what you do best.

So how much does a shark weigh anyway?

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