About the Author

Michael Doig is a science teacher, web developer, and avid traveler who lives in Brooklyn, NY.

I Just Want To Say Thanks

Like many of you, as soon as I heard about blogging and podcasting I couldn’t wait to try it. However I found myself standing and watching for far too long. I felt like I was on the outside of a mosh pit trying to build the confidence to just rush into the chaos. Now that I’ve been at it for a few months I’d like to share a few observations that I’ve made and a few goals I’ve set for myself.

1) Blogging takes a lot of time – I find myself not only trying to write and create tutorials, but also doing research and fighting writers block. I want to release as much as possible, but it’s a quantity over quality dilemma.
2) Blogging is emotional – Sometimes I feel like I should just tear it all down because it isn’t good enough, but then I realize that I’ve never had more subscribers and traffic to my site is pretty good. Comments make my day.
3) Adsense sucks – I’m going to remove all Adsense ads from this site. ¢18 is just not worth making all of you look at ads none of us care about.
4) Podcasting is fun – I think I like talking a lot more than writing, but it’s probably because I get to play with more gear. Once I start releasing my interview series I hope you’ll like them too.
5) Newsletters are great – On days I send out newsletters I get triple the traffic. Don’t worry I won’t send you more, but it’s just an observation for anyone interested in adding a newsletter.

1) Subscribers – I’d like to have 100 subscribers via feedburner by the end of the month, subscribe now and help me out.
2) Video Tutorials – I need to finish 3 more video tutorials for you this weekend.
3) One Article A Day – I want to push myself to write one article a day. It has been coming in spurts, somedays I can’t stop writing. Others I can’t finish a paragraph. I think If I can write an article ahead of time I can stay on top of it.
4) Bulletproof My Site – I’m doing a reading of Bulletproof Web Design and I’ve already learned a ton. I’m working on a theme for another site and I can’t wait for the next few weeks when I can add the changes to this site. I might even release a theme for public consumption.
5) Improve My Writing – No matter how good you think you are, the web will let you know. I’m truly enjoying the challenges of writing, but I know I can do better. I think I need to let some of my posts marinate overnight and maybe even send some off to someone willing to be an editor (you know who you are).

I just want to say thank you to all my readers, subscribers, and commenters. You are the reason I keep doing it. I challenge you to create a post on your blog outlining your goals and observations. Maybe if we all set goals and become more productive we can change the world or something.