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Michael Doig is a science teacher, web developer, and avid traveler who lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Stop Paying Twice For Services

Running a small business can cost a lot more than you think, however if you’re careful you can save by not paying twice for services. People are constantly trying to sell you new services, warranties, and products, but most of the time you already have these services and you might not even know it.

I recently picked up a new Apple laptop and I travel a lot and one thing I constantly run into is finding an internet connection. I had heard of a way to use my internet enabled cell phone to get web access. So I went out to eBay and bought a $6 USB cable to hook up my cellphone to my laptop. At first I couldn’t figure out how to make it work so I called Sprint and they informed me I needed to sign up for a $39.99 a month plan. I knew I was already paying an extra $5-10 a month for the Vision plan which included internet on my phone so I decided to skip it an do some more research. After another Google search I found James Sentman’s site which describes how to set it up. Now I have internet access anywhere I have a cell reception. Granted it’s not broadband, but it’s usable and I saved $480 a year.

powerbook g4

I also just received my new Debit Mastercard and I decided to read the Guide To Benefits that came with the card. I had heard of the benefits of using credit cards before, but what I read surprised me. If you use your Mastercard to buy something they automatically double the manufacturers warranty. So if you are thinking about buying the 2 year protection plan for the electronics store, don’t because you already get double the protection if you use your card. They also offer Price Protection, Loss Or Theft Coverage, Roadside Assistance, Rental Car Insurance and Other Interesting Benefits.


I’m sure there are tons of other examples of this and I’d love to hear of any that you know of. It just seems that everyone is trying to sell you things you already have and if you can avoid duplicating services, warranties, or products your annual savings can be pretty substantial. Sometimes it’s easy to say yes just to get that good feeling that you are covered in case anything happens, but if you’re on a tight budget be sure to check that you aren’t paying twice.