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How To Save 33% On Parking Tickets

Getting a parking ticket sucks.


If you have a car in a large city, chances are you have received at least one parking ticket (if not more). I’ve discovered a little loophole that won’t make parking tickets go away, but it will save you money.

On the back of the parking ticket there is usually an address where you can request a hearing by mail. If you send in a letter explaining the circumstances of the ticket, you will get back a letter that gives you two options. Either pay a reduced fine or wait for an Administrative Law Judge to review the ticket.

The reduced fine is roughly a 33% savings off the initial price of the ticket. If you get a couple tickets a year this can be a substantial savings.


I once received a ticket that I was sure I would get dismissed, but they found an error on something and I had to pay the full fine. Unless you are absolutely sure you have a rock solid story, pay the reduced fine because after they review it you can’t request the reduced fine. I keep a standard letter that I use every time, so it is easy to request a hearing by mail and get the reduced fine.

If you have a parking ticket savings tips, feel free to add it below.