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10 Beautiful Premium WordPress Themes

Despite the fact that there are literally thousands of free WordPress themes available, many bloggers are buying themes. I’m not talking about those template factory themes, these premium themes are put together by top designers and are priced anywhere from $29.99 for a personal license to over $250 for a developers license which allows you to repurpose the theme and remove the attribution link in the footer. I purchased the WP-Glory theme for use on this site. Here are 1011 more themes I like:

1) Magazine News v1.0 from ArtCulture.com

Magazine News v1.0 from ArtCulture.com

Magazine News v1.0 is a news / magazine-styled WordPress theme created for sites with a lot of content, and looking to maximize there Google adsense revenue. It is a three-column, widget ready, adsense ready theme that is sure to give your blog that unique look that will garner some extra attention. This theme requires WordPress 2.3.

Cost: $49.00 (Single) or $129 (Developer)

2) Revolution Magazine Theme from BrianGardner.com

Revolution Magazine theme from BrianGardner.com

Revolution Magazine is a customizable theme ideal for online magazines and has a new enhanced featured video location on the theme.

Cost: $79.95 (Single) or $199.95 (Developer)

3) Gridline Magazine Theme from GraphPaperPress.com

Gridline Magazine Theme from Graphpaperpress.com

Gridline Magazine is a theme for WordPress 2.3 and up that makes extensive use of custom queries and custom fields to create an unique blogging format. Gridline can transform your blog into a full-blown Magazine or news Web site.

Cost: $24.99 (Single) or $99 (Developer)

4) Premium News Theme from Adii.co.za

Premium News Theme from Adii.co.za

This theme is not for the average Joe blogger however – it is a high-end theme and CMS solution that has just been made affordable and accessible to everyone. This theme is perfectly suited for ambitious bloggers looking to earn an income from their blogs / websites.

Cost: $99.95 (Single) or $249.95 (Developer)

5) Magazine Theme from Solostream.com

Magazine Theme from Solostream

Okay, so the name is not that original, but WP-Magazine Theme 1.0 is by far one of the the best WordPress Themes I’ve ever created. WP-Magazine Theme is a fixed-width, professional WordPress theme with multiple layout options and multiple features.

Cost: $79 (Single) or $279 (Developer)

6) Cornerstone Theme by Charity Ondriezek

Cornerstone Theme by Charity Ondriezek

The Cornerstone premium theme for WordPress is a flexible, feature-rich alternative to contracting custom design work for your blog. Not a bad way to go if you’re on a budget!

Cost: $99.95 (Single) or $249.95 (Developer)

7) Bedrock Grid Theme from ArmenThomassian.com

Bedrock Grid Theme from ArmenThomassian.com

Due to the fact this was created with the hope of winning money for charity, I’m now going to be releasing it as a Premium WordPress Theme. However, as all the proceeds are going to charity, I’m not sure if it’s right to say it’s premium.

Cost: $20 Charitable Donation

8) NewsPixel Theme from RockinThemes.com

Picture 3-4

NewsPixel is the first premium WordPress theme produced by RockinThemes. This theme is designed to be easy to use. The features below can be tweaked by using WordPress categories.

Cost: $97 (Single) or $199 (Developer)

9) BlackMaster Theme from BlackMasterTheme.com

BlackMaster Theme from BlackMasterTheme.com

BlackMaster is a powerful premium wordpress theme designed by Jesse Lee. It’s Javascript/Ajax-based and will bring you many cool effects and features. The main goals of this design are to utilize Js/Ajax effects, consctruct a nice layout and reduce the page size.

Cost: $41.20 (Single) or $278.60 (Developer)

10) WP Remix Theme from WPRemix.com

WP Remix Thme from WPRemix.com

WP Remix a WordPress powered master theme, is completely customizable, quality coded & comes bundled with many layout options that helps everyone create custom websites in minutes, saves weeks of time, maintaining top notch standards-compliant quality.

Cost: $55 (Single) or $155 (Developer)

11) Thesis Theme from DIYThemes

Thesis Theme from DIYThemes

The Thesis Theme for WordPress is a high-quality template system that you can use to improve your site immediately. Thesis boasts the strongest SEO of any theme on the market today thanks to its expertly-coded HTML + CSS + PHP framework. The days of worrying about your in-site SEO are over—with Thesis, your strategy is “just add links.”

Cost: $87 (Single) or $164 (Developer)