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iPhone Release Pictures NYC 5th Ave Store

Believe it or not I accidentally stumbled upon the iPhone release in NYC. I had some friends in town and I was showing them around when I saw the mayhem and realized what was going on. I slid up as close as I could and snapped a few shots.

The police were out in full force and were super pushy. There was a Starbucks “waitress” passing out coffee and water to the people in line. I had a laugh about the VIP seating and all of the news vans, reporters, people, and hoopla. We were there right at 6pm and the Apple employees marched around like they were in the military before they let people down into the store.

It was quite an event, however I didn’t stick around to buy one. The funniest part was all of the people walking down the street yelling at the people in line. There was one guy who was like “You guys are pathetic, you need material objects to feel good about yourself, get out of line right now!” He just kept screaming at everyone. It was kinda funny.












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